Sheriff: Family cremated mom on barbecue

CORNING, Calif. - Authorities said relatives of a deceased Tehama County woman cremated her remains on a makeshift barbecue and continued collecting her retirement checks.

Like LIZZY BORDEN,before them. These
creeps just wanted what ever they could get.
Some people just disrespect their parents.

Charming …

Yes Charming

Guess who’s not turning up for the Footy match & BBQ to their place :stuck_out_tongue:

This reminds me of that movie … Fried Green Tomatoes.

You know I think this is really bad and I for one even though I have no good reason for not letting my wife burn me when I die, but I do not. I also do not want to be buried in some place where my kids and grandkids can go and cry at or even more so take up run on this planet for my used up body. I tell her I would like to be buried under a freeway so the land I was in was being used for something.
You could plant me in a park and plant a tree so it could use my body for food just do not burn me.

I think it’s better to be cremated. Also if somthing
happens and you happen to die young. It’s good to
donate some of your body parts. However it’s better
then being burried and giving these guys lunch.


I’ll have BBQ sauce with mine please.:bigsmile:

Old duck, with BBQ sauce … hmmmm …