Shelved David Bowie record unceremoniously leaked online

Shelved David Bowie record unceremoniously leaked online.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Deciding a finished (or nearly finished) record won't see the light of day can be a willing if painful act. An artist may not be satisfied with the end result of their musical labors, or feels releasing the work will damage more than aid their career. Other times, a record company may decide an album just doesn't meet its criteria -- the artist went a little crazy experimenting with obscure foreign instruments or brought on Swiss yodelers for every track, or both. Whatever the case, eating the cost of production alone turns out a better option than shouldering the financial burden of a failed commercial release. While it's rare for an album not to see some type of official release, it does happen - even to the biggest artists. Music legend David Bowie learned this the hard way recently.

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