Shellshock nam 67 dvd

Can anyone give any details on backing up this bad boy. I have looked thru the forum but just about everything covers backing up cds not dvds.
btw I posted on another thread but my post seems to have disappeared

any help thanks

I prefer using chaosmaker’s guide in combination with ShellShock: Nam 67 BWA which should end in a working backup.

p.s. am alternative would be just using BlindWrite’s automatic profile but I got more succes using chaosmaker’s method.

ah thanks I think I might have had the settings wrong, will give it another try.

I tried using blindwrite automatic profile but it was no good either. I tried using alcohol and such after reading many other guides but no luck. I even read at cdmediaworld that clonecd should allow you to make a working backup and the only catch was that the drive used had to be able to read raw data and read sub channels, but that failed too.

thanks for the link

Are we talking about a DVD game here? if so then it canno be backed-up to a 1:1 copy as DVD writers cannot write protections onto DVD’s. Sorry


BlindWrite is the only software I know which is able backing up SecuROM protected DVDs using the described methods in combination with BWs emulation (autoplay).

ah its still emulation tho?


Can somone say what DVD drives are definatly able to backup SecuROM 5 DVDs?,
(or what drive workied for you).


Ben :slight_smile:

yea and what drives are able to make bwa files?
I followed the guide but my bwa files did not look as good as the smooth curves I have seen.
Is the backing up process all hardware dependent or will the use of certain software be able to overcome the hardware limitations?

I get this with my NEC 3500, my Lite-On 812S looks poor (around 80%) and my BenQ 1620 screws it up loads

Should I clean the curve, or is it better left how it is?
Also which drive do you think I am best to write with?


Ben :slight_smile:

I dont think my granny 103 would be any good!


wow! what went wrong there :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I tried chaosmaker’s guide, but it still says (after about 1 minute of disc checking) to insert the original with my NEC 3500.

I will try it now with my BenQ 1620.

Ben :slight_smile:

finaly got a decent bwa after trying a few more times
I still have 1 question I have done 2 bwa with 2 different drives and have been comparing them with kalas graph.
Which 1 of the 3 do I choose? In other words which curve am I looking to for so that I may use as future reference to compare too.
BTW I think they all said 100% quality.

oops forgot the graph :o

BTW I am using a benq 1620 and/or liteon 812@832 Z-Mod to burn.
Tried again and was not succesful backing up the game :sad:

The green one looks perfect. By the way I’m using Pioneer DVR-105 in combination with TDK media.

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:TTG01]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [TDK Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [TTG01]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4,489.3MB = 4.38GB (4.71GB)]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

Do you think the media matters for making a working backup?
Which of the 3 drives should I be using to read the game or does it not matter?
toshiba 1712
benq 1620
liteon 812@832 Z-Mod

If niether burner can burn a working backup it seems I may be in need of another burner. Oh my :confused:
I also have a benq 822 in another system but not sure if it will make any difference.

Again thanks for the help. Never tried backing up a game until now.

Any further thoughts on the matter or do you all agree that the burners used, is why I am unable to backup this game?

I will have my buddy try when he gets the chance. He has that I/O Magic that was a BTC drive instead of BenQ.

I tried my BenQ, no luck :frowning:

This means that the:
Lite-On 812S
NEC 3500
BenQ 1620

Dont work.

Ben :slight_smile:

thanks for the confirmation

BTW you said your benq 1620 could not make a decent bwa file. Just so you know the red lines in the graph I posted are from my 1620 and it was 100% quality.
Still to bad it can’t make a working backup. :frowning:

So far I just used the TDK media as I got plenty of them. Using different media may change your succes rate I just got this experience with CD backups as I’m rarley doing DVD backups. The backup with chaosmaker’s guide is working without any problems for me using the BWA file from post #5.

well chaosmaker’s guide does say it is hardware dependent and since bcn_246 has tried with both 1620 and 812 I doubt changing media will work. might try some TY though.
just for the record I attempted to make backup on cmc mag f01 and philips c08, neither worked.
If I attempt to try with other media, I will post back my results. I will also see how a buddy makes out with btc drive.
perhaps bcn_26 can specify the media he used.

thanks again