Sheep test not accurate?

I just used the sheep test in my 832S and it couldn’t do the sd2.9 or 3 and f i put it in my dvd rom drive it can’t do sd3, but according to the 832s can copy up to sd 3.1x and it work in the 832S. What is wrong?


It could possibly be wrong. Maybe there test results are.

Have you tried copying a real life game with SD3.1 on it.

no i haven’t yet

I would imagine as may LiteON drives are this should be as well.

Make sure you burn slow (read: 4x).

Me to, i tried it with my Plextor Premium and didnt even get the 1 sheep over!

I thought that Plextor Premiums were always considered to be 1 and a half sheep burners.

Plextor Premiums can back up SD up to 2.8 perfectly, the backups will run everywhere. (At least mine does). However, they can’t handle the 3045 pattern, which make them fail on SD2.9+.

As for the sheep test : when a weak sector get written badly on a disk, the adjacent sectors also become unreadable. The .dat files may be too “close” to each other on the disk : try inserting some other files between them, so that if one is not written properly, the damage doesn’t overlap other files.

And by the way, the results also depend on the device used for reading back the CD. Some drives have better error correction than others, which are handy when reading weak sectors.

I tried burning all of the sheep test files using the (no Nero soz will try with the demo later) Windows XP burning software (all but the sheep_3_audio file) and using a CDRW disc (Memorex). I then copied them from the CD to the hard disc without CRC errors.

Files copied with no errors.

This should not be right as I have a Sony CRX185E1. How can I test this?

Update: -

Nero does not work with the sd290 and sheep3 file.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell copied O/K and I think it is 2.80+ (mybe 2.90+ in the update 1.2b or something). Will copy Splinter Cell again to check and make sure. I don’t have any SD 3+ games.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell copied O/K for the second time.
[09:23:39 AM] SafeDisc 2.80.011 detected -> C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Splinter Cell\BACKUP\SplinterCell.A463.exe
[09:23:43 AM] SafeDisc 2.90.040 detected -> C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Splinter Cell\system\SplinterCell.exe
[09:25:11 AM] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2.80
Does this mean that I can copy SD 2.9 games?

Also make sure you are using the correct Format. It should be set to Mode 1.

Nero was set to Mode 1 but the results are poor with that package but the results with the Windows XP burning software were too good with even the bad and sheep3 (400Mb file) copying from the CD without CRC errors. With Nero using the test I should not be able to copy above SD 2.9 or above at all (does this sound correct?).

Will do the tests again with Nero and see what happens.

The SD290 file works on it own when written to the CD in Nero and copy back to the hard disc.

WinXP’s built-in burning app makes Mode2 CDs, which explains why even the sheep3 test succeeded.

I know that it is a bit much to expect sheep 3 (is there even a sheep 3 drive?)from such an old drive but I thought that I would try the tests to see what happens. It seems that it is better to write each test file to a CDRW disc one at a time. It looks like the Sony CRX185E1 will not be able to do SD 3+ but I am unable to test this as I do not have a SD3 protected game.

3 sheep drives don’t exist, and this is due to the design of cd burners. Of course, other types of “duplicators” can.