Sheep ratings and safedisc


I’m a noob and am pretty confused about all the copy protection on disks these days.

I was about to pick up a benq 1620a but became concerned when I heard it was a sheep 1 drive.

I’d use the drive primarily for backing up movies, don’t really care about games. If I just rip the movie to the hard drive do I really care about the sheep rating? Is this something to be concerned with mainly for games?

As far as I know this was just important for ‘old’ SafeDisc games and got nothing to do with DVD movie ripping.

The “sheep” concept became obsolete years ago. Nowadays most actual burners could be considered as “2 sheep”, meaning they can make perfect copies (ie that wil play in all drives) of safedisc protected games up to 2.8. But for versions 2.9 and above, no perfect copy can be made and wether it will work or not depends on both the burner and the drive from which the backup will be played (and other factors too).

This only applies to CDs with safedisc though, so if you’re mainly interested in backing up DVDs it’s irrevelant.

I dont think thats true! The Sheep test is still used by many to rate there drive.