Sheep 2 burner

Sry, I havent been paying attention to posts lately, but I want to ask a quick question. Exactly how far, with the proper programs, can i consistently make a copy of a game with a 2 sheep burner? In other words, what safedisc can i hit succesfully with a sheep 2 burner over and over again (2.6,2.9,3.0. etc)?It would also help if you could tell me what program(s) to work with to get as far as possible consistently. Thanx

It really does depend on the type of burner you have. Many drives (even previouly 2 sheep) were killed by SafeDisc 2.9. Upto SafeDisc 3.10 this still applied. But when SafeDisc 3.15 came out, it killed another wave of burners. Many later model LiteONs were in this catagory, and the LiteON 52327S is really a now hit and miss. The newest revision, SafeDisc 3.20, has wiped out even more burners, leaving it norrowly down to luck if you can get your backup to work. Some people have had success with Alcohol, DiscJuggler and BlindWrite.

The bypass EFM errors option may not be advanced enough to work with SafeDisc 2.9x. Hope this helps!

thanks, this info. helps out quite a bit. on a side note i have a norcent rw531 which is reportedly a rebaged version of a liteon accoding to something i found searching this site. It is also a sheep 2 burner according to the site. If u can give more details about this burner it would be great. thanx again

I assume you’re talking about this thread.

This is a Rebadged LiteON 52327S. The latest LiteON still gets alot of praise, but many reports suggest the the LiteON ranges were killed by SafeDisc 3.15:(

Although you’re chances are significantly crippled (I know, I have one), there could still have a chance if :

You burn the CD at 4x

Use Re-Writable CDs

Use well known brands like Verbatim.

Read with a tolorant CD/DVDROM, like a LiteON 166s.

Try some methods here, and see what you come up with.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

k thanx a lot, this info has helped me

No problemo:)