She or heshe? --Beware what you see may ShOCK You :Z

i scored 11/16. I disapoint myself

Originally posted by ant4bud
i scored 11/16. I disapoint myself

LOL :eek: :eek: My first time i scored 14/16, Beat that!

My friend took it first time, got 16/16. I probably couldnt get 16/16 if i took it 20 times. It’s disguisting to know men can look like women that well.:Z Also pretty scary.

I think there are a few features that can help you distinguish which sex they really are. Men tend to have wider jaws and bigger adams apple.

13/16!!! AHHHHHHHH:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

15/16 not bad but the pic 6th from the top first row threw me off. You really cant tell from that angle.

Hit 16/16. Some are just blatantly obvious that they are now women. Some of the really ugly ones are men!!

12/16 :frowning:

Let me say this with the words of Andrew Dice Clay:

“That`s a nice surprice! You meet the woman of your dreams, you wine her, you dine her, you take her home, put your hand up her skirt, and you are holding a tree trunk!” :eek: :Z