Shave a few megabytes off a vob?

I’ve converted my video to dvd format on my hard drive, but it’s barely over 4.7 gb. Is there a way to shave a few megabytes off one of the vobs, or maybe just the avi, without doing anything too complicated?

If it’s in DVD format (Vob files) you can use DVD Shrink.

:iagree: Yep, it’s extremely simple to use, in your case you can either compress the whole movie to fit the disc, or if you’re in a hurry, you can cut some of the end credits, for example.

If you use Vobblanker you can delete individual cells without compression.

Ok, I’ve tried DVD shrink, using open files and opening the video_ts folder on my hard drive, but it keeps saying it cannot open the vts_01_0.ifo file. The last dvd I did was almost identical except smaller, and when I burned it it worked fine in a dvd player, and I didn’t use dvd shrink. When I go to re-author and use the dvd browser, the video_ts folder doesn’t even show up.

Try to use the activated “OverBurn” function of your burner and see if that works otherwise let DVDShrink compress it by %10 which won’t be noticeable and then burn it.

Overburning a DVD would not work in 90% of all cases. :wink:

We don’t even know the used burner model.

Try running the dvd through FixVTS. It sounds like there may be a problem with dvd structure.