Sharring the groove?

anyone having problems getting on this site :confused:

lol, i think we are the worst people to ask, because to reply to this thread you would have already gotten on the site without any problems!

sometimes the servers are busy and you get problems, just wait about 15 mins then try again. it is free so they cant afford that many servers :sad:

Actually we have over 15 Ghz of Intel Xeon power and our server loads are not very high so that can’t be the cause of the problem

I already experienced that while I had no problems accessing any CD Freaks server from Germany, while people living in the USA almost could not connect to the servers at all. Usually these are temporary problems, although we once almost managed to overload the previous database server during the switch to the new board version :wink:
But you can’t always guarantee fast response times to everyone - that’s the Internet and you can only influence your own equipment, not the thousands of devices between client and server :iagree: