Sharpies and Labels

I have a question regarding what (if any) I can do to identify my DVDs without having it impact the longevity and readability of the disc at all.

I hear that permanent markers (sharpies) may have a negative impact. Perhaps using thinner or non-black colored markers? Also labels. Any testimonials out there? Should I leave it completely untouched to be safe or there’s just not enough info to say one way or the other?

I use a CD safe marker and I also just print the program on the paper sleeve for the disc.

I read this on page 3. What exactly is a “CD safe marker”?

edit: just read from the FAQ

As long as you are careful, yes. Many people use the tried and trusty “Sharpie” permanent markers. There are also a number of “CD Markers” being sold, but they amount to the same thing.

So basically they are the same as perm sharpies it sounds like a marketing gimick lol. I still can’t decide whether to write on them or not. If someone told me they’d last 25 years clean and 20 years written with a marker I’d leave em clean…


Excellent (long) research done here:

“For risk-free labeling of any disc, it is best to mark the clear inner hub where there is no data”

Haha, I never thought to mark the inner part, but it makes sense. It’s a rather small space tho…

Any alcohol based marker is fine, it’s the solvent based ones that eat discs.

Although, i don’t label my DVDs (they are backups, so do not need to look nice), i don’t really believe this. Is it just me, or label glue/sharpie eating through 0.6mm of polycarbonate substrate and bonding layer on DVD is a little far fetch theory.

If they were CDs where there is only only 1 polycabornate on the recording side leaving label side protected by thin acrylic, i would be worried. IF i need to, i would not mind putting a label on my DVDs. However, i’ll be only using the thinnest grossy labels i can find. Just to make sure that it does not cause unbalance duriing spinning.