Sharp’s new Blu-ray players decreas video load time with 50%

We’ve just posted the following news: Sharp’s new Blu-ray players decreas video load time with 50%[newsimage][/newsimage]

Sharp has announced new AQUOS Blu-ray players with “speed BD”, a technology that should reduce load times of Blu-ray discs.

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Not all the helpful unless they can talk the movie companies into removing all the FBI warnings and what not.

Pirates remove the warnings. Only people who pay for the thing actually see them. They target and punish the wrong people.

I bet they don’t allow disc ripping or cover the entire spectrum of video formats… the blu ray disc consortium probably closed that loophole. BTW, who is going to spend $600 to $1200 for this, when you could have a SICK streaming media box for similar price (and probably connect an external Blu ray drive to also).

Step 1) I buy the Blu-ray movie
Step 2) I rip the Blu-ray movie using MakeMKV (which is free).
Step 3) I copy the Blu-ray movie to a 4TB WD HDD (which already has 160 other bought Blu-ray movies on it)
Step 4) I play the Blu-ray movie on my Sony s5100 Blu-ray player via USB.

No FBI warnings, no adverts, no waiting, and no looking on the shelf for a disc.