Sharp PC-GP-10 CM with MATs UJDA 720

i’ve resurrected an old laptop for my friend to use.
it’s a sharp PC GP 10 CM that came from PC world. it has very little support.

it has a UJDA 720 DVD/CDRW drive that i have updated to the IBM firmware 1.03 in the hope that it would read a XP pro disc i have.

since (and before the upgrade) it would not run a genuine XP home disc or a self burnt XP pro disc.
it has a floppy drive installed.
i have just bought a nice new seagate 5400 harddrive to replace the old 4200 hitachi so i need to reinstall windows on the new drive.

firstly is there anything i can do to get the drive to read a boot disc.(it appears to be disabled on secondary ide in the bios.)
i have seen a mod that solders pins 2 and 3 together.

or can you recommend a newer type DVD/CDRW drive that i can replace this one with existing caddie plug etc.??