Sharp Introduces New LCD TVs Using 'Quattron' Technology



Sharp announced six models whose sizes range from 80- (the largest LCD TV manufactured by a Japanese maker) to 40 inches. It will release 40-, 46-, 52- and 60-inch models June 10, 2012, and 70- and 80-inch models June 20, 2012, in Japan. There are no manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, but the expected retail prices of the 80- and 40-inch models are 950,000 (approx US$11,662) and 160,000, respectively.




The Sharp Elite sets using the older version of that tech with a full local dimming backlight are supposed to have major issues reproducing accurate colors, though maybe non critical users might not notice or care. They are supposed to have excellent black levels though so maybe their new tech will fix the color issues and make a almost perfect LCD set.:cool: