Sharp Develops Dual-Layer Super-Resolution 100-GB Optical ROM Discs

I just posted the article Sharp Develops Dual-Layer Super-Resolution 100-GB Optical ROM Discs.

  Sharp Develops Dual-Layer  Super-Resolution*1 Optical Disc Technology Enables Next-Generation  100-GB Optical ROM Discs Sharp  Corporation has developed an optical disc technology that...
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thats some nice capacity, blue-ray and hd-dvd should be resolved, hddvd only has about 28gb or something, 100gb is a hell of a lot better, they should use this instead, we might have to wait a few more months, but it would be worth it !

24mbit? That is only 3 megabyes per second for read rate, damn slow for the amount of data on it. At that rate it would take 92 hours to write/read the entire disc. If I carried all my math proplery tonight. It is late. but that is way too slow for that size of media.

my calculations showed 9.5 hours

it says its using blue laser to read it, maybe a firmware update could update all our future blu-ray players to read/write to this type of material.

I bet this won’t be available for the next few years. why? They want to first get the profits from the Dual layer writers/media, then the HD/Blue ray writers/media. Same with Intel. They can go to 10 ghz now, but they’ll introduce each step gradually. More $$$

all this talk of playback is very nice, but what about recording? Back to the labs, I think.