Sharp demos solar powered 52" HDTV

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If you’re concerned about the running cost of a large HDTV set, Sharp claims to have the solution with its new solar-powered 52" HDTV, which it has been demonstrating at CEATEC 2008. …

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I wonder if you can still watch a movie at night with this thing…

I have to think they thought of that already. I mean, from Sharp minds come Sharp products, right? Ads never lie. What if you live in northern Alaska and don’t see the sun for 4 months out of the year? You’re S.O.L., I guess.


Hehe, I asume it will also be able to get its power from the usual sources…

Duke thats funny but true ahaha.

@zori - yes because the energy is stored in a battery. Not unlike a solar powered hot water system, if you have a shower at night you still get hot water. As far as Alaska goes, the battery storage would need to be pretty good.
I like the thought of powering everything in my house with energy from the sun, not having to worry about electricity bills only the initial solar panel installation.