Sharp announces high-speed light absorbent element, 16x DVD recording

I just posted the article Sharp announces high-speed light absorbent element, 16x DVD recording.

GristyMcFisty lets us know that some
days ago Sharp Japan posted a press release in which the company announces a new high-speed OPIC light
absorbent element, the GA301TXW1MZ, with which…

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I think the 60x CD-RW is the maximum speed this element is able to write at. Of course there are other limitation such as rotation speed which will probably make sure the 60x speed will not be made available in devices.

its 60x cd-r not cd-rw, and who cares anyways, its like going to make a whole cd write in, like, what 2:18? wow, since 52x is a pathetic 2:30… the 16x dvd drives would be interesting, since the drives now cant even read that fast, so how are they going to get them to go up to 16x (cav probably, but thats still 16x somewhere on the disc…)?

Ummm, I have a 16X DVD reader from Liteone and if you read some of the other news posts the 8X and 16X are going to be out soon.