Sharp: 8x laser diode by 2010

I just posted the article Sharp: 8x laser diode by 2010.

How do you get your brand in today’s news? By simply saying a few interesting things… Sharp wants an 8x Blu-ray laser diode by 2010! The company stated that they want to release a 250mW…

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Big woop! Your STILL talking about 1/2 to 1 hour of recording time for 8-12x burners… AND you need to be able to feed that much data for that amount of time without any hiccups if possible… not an easy task… even on today’s machines.

who gives a f***.blurays a fat sonypig nobody wanted anyway

Sharp isnt really known for its “quality” of workmanship. Usually if I see electronics with the Sharp logo, I walk away from it. I have been burned too many times in the past from Sharp to ever go back. Sony has even gone that way. I bought a Sony TV at Bestbuy. 4 Months later the picture tube goes out. Luckily, I bought the $100 warranty plan which covered everything including labor. When the technician came to pickup my TV, he said they usually put cheap picture tubes in their TVs so you will have to buy another TV every few years. The one he put in, he said would last 10 years or more. My next TV will probably be a Pioneer. 110FD Elite plasma looks pretty good but I gotta wait till it comes down in price.

Sharp are better at these producing these individual components than producing a full tv or disc player. A bit like Sanyo really. As for that Pioneer 110FD plasma, it doesn’t just look pretty good…it is damn good!