Sharman introduces KaZaA Media Desktop V1.7

I just posted the article Sharman introduces KaZaA Media Desktop V1.7.

Sherman Networks, the current owners of KaZaA have released KaZaA Media Desktop v1.7. This new release brings the release of Altnet, the new network usuable by KaZaA (consider KaZaA as a client…

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I know this opinion is unpopular but KaZaA is really good software, and if you wish to use it for free spyware/adware is apart of the deal. It’s their software and they have the right to package it however they want. Of course this doesn’t mean we’ll try using less intrusive alternatives :wink:

KaZaA [Lite] is good software for sure :slight_smile:

so they removed the limits? I removed them already long ago by changing some values in the registry: currently - 200 search results and no quality limitation of mp3s

WRFan: Where abouts in registry were these vals located?

I’d like to know of Kazaa 1.7 has that incredible amount of advertising thrown at you, even some that use sound !! I’ve been using Kazaa lite 1.6 and love it. No more pop-ups and annoying, loud advertisements.

KazaA Sucks with all those banners and ads,but hey who says we have to put up with spyware such as cydoor and many others,:0,There are many cracks and hacks to Go around all these Useless banners:d

I’ll wait for the lite version. I’m sure all they’ve really added it more spyway and the ability to deliver paid content.

Do not download this with the benjamin virus around i would recomend every body stay away from kazza for a wee while

Whats the automobile industry equivalent for this…here’s a car that doesn’t go to use with that engine that doesn’t run…???..:7

may be a new LITE Version will be released on

remove spyware:

according to the maker of kazaa lite, you should stick go kazaa lite 1.6.1 until they examine 1.7 and create a new update. 1.6.1. will still work with the servers, and you should not update.

i hate kazza, lite is better but still bad, imesh is a lot nicer, better search results, faster, etc.

I got this in an e-mail from Kazza lite check it out. I just found this out ---------------------------- On Monday 27th, Sharman Networks (owners of Kazaa Media Desktop) will release an upgrade to version 1.7. We HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT download this update, until we have examined the update. Word has it that it contains a distribution of AltNet, which I like to call “crapware”. It’s a highly controversial piece of spyware which bears many of the same characteristics as Trojan software. AltNet can completely take over your machine’s resources - in fact it’s possible for Brilliant Digital (the programmers) to do virtually anything to your PC once this software has been installed. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We will definitely release a full security report once we have examined the update. In the meantime, stick with your Kazaa 1.6.1! It is fully functional. ----------------------------- I will let you know about anymore info I have but I recommend you check the site for the next few days.

Odd thing is, though the program still connects lite 1.6.1 won’t resumes the d/ls it had a few days ago. It simply says needs more sources… when a simple search pulls up 50+ sources of the file… even if I restart the d/l it now just searches. All this since two days ago… Me thinks I need 1.7, hurry y’all. :wink:

“hurry y’all”??? are you dreaming??? not a chance!!! Kazaa lite 1.6.1 works real good, if you’re getting “more sources needed” messages it’s only your bad luck, it has nothing to do with kazaa lite, I just connected and resumed a movie download. I’ll stick to only Kazaa lite releases. And btw, iMesh sucks.