Shark Tale Back Up Problem



Hey was just checkin to see if any of you have tried to back up shark tale yet, using decryptor/shrink? I have made a few costers already and wanted to know if I need to do something differnt to make this work. Please help. Thanks!!! :bow:


Ok, now have tried 5 times does anyone know what to do or have they finally come up with a way to really stop back up’s? This is not good!!!


Try AnyDVD. You can get a free 21 day trial of it. The movie may have the new Sony encryption in it but this will get it. Supposedly the newest version of either Shrink or Decryptor (i forget which one) is suppose to do it also.



Decryptor in file mode…


Well I finally got it. I had to slow down my burn speed and it worked. Thanks for your imput. I still am having troubles due to the fact I’m not sure when I need to use decryptor, and also am using shrink as well as a trial version of nero recode2.I belive shrink and recode are doing the same thing. I just don’t have a burn program other than the recode. I understand that someone said decryptor will work as a burnner but am unsure of the format (ISO?) required to do so, as well as the speed(slower this way?). Can anyone give me a tip on this, please.

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I backed up Shark Tale using DVD Shrink and Nero. No problems at all. I usually burn at 2X just to insure it will work on the widest verity of players (we have 5 in this house).

I this your first backup?


Try this combination:

  1. Run AnyDVD or the latest trial (Default settings) in the background.
  2. Run VobBlanker or the latest (Default settings) to rip the dvd to harddrive. Just click the process button, and don’t touch anything else.
  3. Once VobBlanker has finished, use DVD Shrink to open up the vob, vts files stored on your harddrive by VobBlanker. Do a full movie including extras, features, subtitles, etc… with the automatic default compression level. Use Deep Analysis at least and if you prefer the additional performance enhancement options like sharpness, max sharpness, etc… However, the process will take much longer if you enable these options. The quality is a lot better though with these options enabled.

All of the tools mentioned are freewares and trialware.


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This is very interesting in that your saying that by slowing down your burn speed gives you more ability to play on more stand alones. I too have 5 stand alones in my home and burn speed has NEVER played a factor in what unit it will play in. At least in MY case. The only thing I have ever found to make a difference is media type (+ or -R) and the Quality of the media. I’d be interested in hearing if speed has been a factor for anyone else in regards to playing on certain stand alones. :confused:



Read post #4. Yours very well can work but your putting more effort into it than needed


I am wondering this as well. How do you know when the DVD movie is copy protected and need to use Decrypter? Do you get errors that show up during the read? I am new to DVD burning and am getting a DVD burner next week.


If it doesn’t work with Shrink, then try DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD.


The burn speed can be an issue with some stand-alone DVD players, especially if you use cheap media. I burn at 4X with Made in Japan media and set the booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM.


I too am having problems backing up shark tale!!! I have latest anydvd and clonedvd but for some reason i am getting an error on this movie!

I then used the latest dvd decrypter and and it is having a problem copying vob files 23_2, 23_3, 23_4. These files are the 1gb files and are the main movie files.

So no luck with latest anydvd, latest dvd decrypter. I don’t know what else to do.

Please help!


never mind. I think my original copy of shark tale is bad. Although there are no scratches or smudges on the dvd it stops at around 30min of the movie. Weird!

gonna get it replaced.



Here’s what also worked for me.

  1. DVD Decrypter (Rip using file mode, set "removal method under general tab of setting to aggressive and under the css tab check Detect Mastering Errors.)

  2. Now use DVD Shrink to transcode and burn the ripped movie. I think that you can also skipped the DVD Decrypter part and just use DVD Shrink and Nero. But I didn’t try that route yet. DVD-RB 0.72 with CCE SP or CCE Basic also works well, but is a more expensive route.

  3. BTW: Some people have reported that this movie is protected by Arccos, but DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD reported nothing unusual outside of the normal css stuff. No pack header, inserting dummy vts sectors, etc… errors were seen in the logs of DVD Decrypter in my experience. Those that are having difficulty with this movie may have a different variant with a tougher protection scheme on it. You may also have the settings in DVD Decrypter set differently or in an incorrect manner. Your drive and the Shark Tale disc may also be dirty or damaged. Your drive may be ripping either too slow or too fast and doesn’t support error corrections. For example the Lite-on 166s and 167T and Aopen 1648/AAP drives are very good at ripping and minimizing read errors. I personally have the Aopen drive and love it. So check your drive for proper connection, firmware, dirt, damage, etc… before purchasing another drive if it appears to have problems with backing up movies.


I backed it up on a conputer that Is running an older version of anydvd (from before thier was arrcoss) using nero and it worked fine. I do not think that it has any special copy protection unless their are multiple versions. My original is a US region1 disk by the way.


i had no prob backing up Shark Tale with DVD X Copy Platinum in simple mode.


If you are having troubles with some new release DVD’s backing them up then
more than likely they have the new Arccos protection on them. If you are trying
to use DVD Shrink by itself you will have all kinds of problems. I ran into the same
thing over the weekend trying to back up The Punisher DVD until I headed over to
the DVD Shrink forums. There is a hidden looping video in the unreferenced folder in
the DVD structure that when Shrink gets to that point it can not handle the streaming
video and gives an error or it will crash back to the desktop. You can read all about it
right here here is a picture of the
hidden looping video that causes the problems.


I just tried backing up Shark Tale and can also confirm that reading errors start at vob 23_1
The disc is region 4 from Australia.
Used dvd decrypter Also had the latest Anydvd activated. The disc had some scratches but i just find it odd the errors should start around the same point as they did for you.