Sharing Program / System Files on WinXP

Does anyone know a way to enale sharing of program files accross a LAN, if it isn’t too hard to do? (I want to know for pure convenience)

you mean so that someone on another computer can run the program from your computer, or just the sharing of the files themselves?

more sharing the files, so that i can view + copy files in ‘program files’ of my computer that is downstairs. I dont intend to actually run any of the programs from the ‘program files’ folder on the other computer.

Just make sure file and printer sharing is enabled on both machines as well as Client for Microsoft Networks, its a native feature in Win2k/XP. You will need a HUB and some CAT5 cable.

If this is not a LAN and you need to do it across a WAN, get an FTP Client and an FTP Server, and you should be all good to go. I use Guildftp’d and Filezilla.

if the lan is setup, i’d run the networking wizard on both computers. then, sharing files is as easy as rightclick the folder -> share (and then pick a share name for it).

sometimes windows will not recognize shares immediately. i havent figure out why yet, but its happened more than a few times to me. don’t worry too much.

I have the LAN setup, but try sharing the ‘Program Files’ folder, it doesn’t work.

weird - i shared a shortcut - and it put the target to be the local program files, not the other machines.

that might help. i have enough network troubles as it is or i’d test it myself.

YES! - it works when i share a shortcut - thanks. (it doesn’t actually work when you try to share the folder itself, or when u try to access the file by virtue of the fact it is on a shred drive).

aside from this i have another problem. I have a partition on an old PC with about 4 gig for music fiiles. can i play these using my new PC via the network through the same playlists , or do i have to make new ones.