Sharing internet by Edvo (usb or pcmia) in wireless lan

hmmmm i have a wireless router and i have connected it to dsl at my home.
i am not happy with my dsl services as we have problems in telephone exchange so i was looking for alternative way i,e using Edvo services.
the problem is that it is coming with pcmcia so far. however after 2 months thet r launching usb mode as well. now is there a way to connect it to my current wireless router ??? currently i have 2 desktops and 2 laptops connected to it. i was thinking that i might get usb edvo on one desktop pc which is always running :stuck_out_tongue: … and share internet through that pc by connecting it to wireless router (like i am making it server)… … by i dunt know weather it is possible to use internet ???

kindly guide me :confused:
thanks in advance

no body have any idea ?