Sharing Image Files

Not to do anything illegal or anything, but is it possibe to make an image file and take it and share it on the internet, and someone else burn it?

If so, is there a website?

Hope you understand the question:)

Like as make an a image of your harddrive and have your neighbor pull off the internet and have him burn it, because you dont own a burner? It could be illegal if your neighbor used the image to fix his computer, but shouldnt be if he is just burning the cd for you and not keeping the image, Noticed I said image of harrdrive, not image of cd. There is a difference.

Now if you are asking about where to find images of software to be burnt back to disc This is referred to as downloading, and downloading software images from someone on the internet is illegal in certain countries and known as warez, which CDfreaks does not condone.

And you could also be referring to pictures of the party you went to, as long as all parties agree then you could put a picture up to.
Sometimes pictures as known as images.

Yes you can make an image and then share it on the internet. Websites that do this legally are working on Open Source projects or put copyright free material online. A third option is people who put their won stuff online, to which they personally own the copyright and don’t mind sharing this for free…so called freeware.

Any other images are illegal and thus not allowed on this forum, nor is requesting such items. You are walking a very thin line here and I must warn you to not cross it or I will be forced to take action, which I hate to do…

Fuck Man, that is illegal. Some guys are never gonna check it if they don’t want to. Imagine like going into prison for some stranger.

I had forgotten about Open Source.

In some aspects it is legal to put a image on the internet. for Example, Linux is used on tons of computers connected to the internet and the images are free. but if Joe Schmoe put a image of Windows XP on the internet without the permission of Microshaft, then someone would get into trouble.