Sharing files from pc to pc

I know this is slightly off topic, but if a buddy and me want to sent eachother files from pc to pc, what is the best way to do it? we both have fast computers and broadband connections…do we set up peer to peer, vpn, or what exactly…any info or a sight that would help would be greatly appreciated…


It’s free.
Files up to 1GB.
Pretty straightforward.
I only enter bogus or throw away email addresses in the event they are farming email addresses.
I also usually package the files to keep them from casually prying eyes, RAR, ZIP, ISO, etc.,.

This costs $. I’ve used the trial before and worked fine >

I think you allready answered your own question. Set up a personal P2P, set up an FTP. While not the most clear cut thing to set, Microsoft is actually pretty good at transfering data from one computer to another. Other options include the type of comm programs like PC_anywhere, Some out there I think are free. Go hit and take a look around. :slight_smile:

Or you could Just…

if you are both online at the same time, and both have decent broadband, then get an irc chat program like mIRC or the like, pick an irc server, and use the dcc send option to transfer the files between you two that way.

You may both haveto tinker with your firewall a lil to make this fly, but it works!! :slight_smile:

Just an idea…:slight_smile: