Sharing dvdrw drive on home network

I have a home wireless network. I have a desktop and a laptop at present and I’m planning on adding a netbook which will not have a cddrive in it. I’m trying to make sure I can load my programs from the Hub computer which has a DVDRW drive.

To start with if this is impossible in XPHOME please say so.

Here are some details to save us all a lot of time. Both computers are running XPHOME SERVICE PACK 3

Both computers have no other network accessing problems both are connected to the internet and can share folders etc.

When I share the DVDROM drive on my laptop just as an experiment it works fine on the hub computer and I can see anything in the drive and access the files using my desktop. So I know how to right click and offer the drive to the network for sharing etc…I’m not a computer wiz but I know more than most of the people i know and how to get around on a computer.

The problem is this: When I offer the DVDRW drive on the desktop to the network, the little hand is under it and it says its shared and sure enough on the laptop it shows up BUT YOU CAN NOT ACCESS THE DAMN THING. It just gives you the access denied message and says maybe you don’t have permission and need to talk to someone etc…so I’m talking to you guys.

Is there a difference in sharing a DVDRW drive and sharing just a DVDROM drive in XPHOME?

I don’t have access to any other Sharing “Permissions” etc on XPHOME that i can find other than just right clicking the drive and putting in on the network which is done.

Can anyone help me so I will know if I am going to be able to use this drive to put programs on the netbook.

Now before you waste my time with suggestions that don’t work, I have already learned that some programs can be copied from the disk to a Pin or Thumb drive and that is all well and fine…but programs like Microsoft Office Pro will not work doing that I have tried it right here on my own desktop putting the disk files by copy everything on the disk to a pin drive and when you try to install it it tells you that the source has been corrupted…so there IS PROTECTION on at least some of the programs that looks for a CDROM drive etc that is part of trying to protect the sharing of software. So lets just stay on point.

Can I use a DVDRW drive and share it over a home network running XPHOME or not? All the user names are the same, everyone is logged in as administrator etc…this side issues are not the problem…both computers drives are set to region 1…

Can anyone tell me why when I share the DVDRW drive it is not accessable on the laptop???



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First, a late welcome [I]storybrook[/I]. :slight_smile:
Second, I’m not part of cdfreaks management so your last question someone elses will answer. Agree though with your “spammer” statement.

Anyway, your post involves many different technics; basic server administration, windoze administration, windoze office applications. Just to mention a few.
I run a home network server (win 2k and samba) with atm 8 clients, and I may have some basics skills about this. You seems to be fully learned though. Anyway, I hope I can share some insight, although my windoze operating system knowledge is rather limited kindly said, simply because I changen to linux years ago.

I know, you can’t install M$ office from a network drive to another box, this because some basic files are written only to the box CD/DVD drive resides in; typical M$.
But there is a workaround, you can install office on one computer and then you can make it portable/ virtual (usb drive) on other computers/laptops/noteboos… whatever you have at your hands, by using apps like MojoPac or Ceedo. For example, my son is werry happy with a legal Ceedo/Argo M$ OS/M$ office USB on his netbook for his school work.

Honestly, if you like to build a nice home network you should look for some free linux distro that comes with Samba.
Heck, clients in our home network can even burn CD/DVD’s on server box just by putting a disc in the server burner.
Everything is possible, but then you already seems to know everything I’ve rekon.

BTW, please use a more polite language in next post. I don’t care if you call me moron, just make it nice. :smiley:

Hi thanks for the reply. It seems that I can’t get a straight answer even from a nice guy like you but you did perhaps give me a work around that will work for me. I understood that I could install something like MSWord Office Pro on a pin drive but I was under the impression that it would be tied to the OS that I installed it with and when I moved the Pin to a new computer or a netbook in this case that it would not work on that system since it had not been “Installed” on that system using that OS…I have not tried it but if that will work that will solve the problem for me. I Have a 16 gig pin drive and I could install a ok I won’t use the rear end word but I could install all the programs and have lots of room left over if they do not require being “Inside an OS” in fact if that is the case I might like to do that myself for my main computer and keep them all safe and away from possible HD crashes and viruses etc…It would make the computer run faster if there was less on it, not that those programs amount to much so I guess I will try doing that and see if when I take the pin to my other laptop I can run something like MSoffice 2003 pro from a Pin drive.

Like I said there are many programs that will allow me to just copy the files from the CD and then install it from a pin but the more high tech ones look for a CDRom drive and refuse to be loaded that way which was the reason for the quesiton to start with.

Thanks was that polite enough!