Sharing Cable between 2 PC's

(God I feel like a newbie)

I have 2 Win2k SP-3 machines, one P3- 450 mhz and one P2-350 mhz, one has a Cable connection the other needs one. Without a router, how can I network the 2 PCs together so they can use that connection? Both PCs have NIC cards and I have one Cable Modem.

use the internet connection sharing built into windows.

cheapest way is with 3 network cards and 1 crossover cable.

2 nic’s in the system with cable. then you just network to the other machine with the other card with the crossover cable.

That’s the general idea I was thinking but I wasn’t sure exactly, thanks!

another option is to run the cable modem into a cheap $10-20 switch, then hook each machine up to the switch.
but you would need an aditional IP address from the cable company(additional fee’s)

Also keep in mind that the PC with cable must be turned on for the other PC to have access to the cable modem. There are fairly cheap routers that you could use and then you wouldn’t have to have another network card or another IP address, and you wouldn’t have to have one computer on to use the internet on the other.

Just laying out your choices.

good point smoker i hadn’t thought of that. Guess i’m just going to buy a router, thanks

You could also connect the cable modem to a PC w/ 2 NICs, setup that PC to share the cable connection, and connect the same PC to a switch w/ the 2nd NIC. But a much easier way is to get a dsl/cable router, something like the one linksys offers, which you could connect the cable modem to and auto assigns IP to PCs connected to it.

Hi bloodstarr. I know what You want

DSL—1st PC-----2nd PC isn’t?

here we go…I dont know how your pc is connect to cable, network card or usb, but i know how to make local network only for two pc server and 1 client…

  1. You must have instaled network card on each pc

  2. crossover utp cabel between them
    (1-3, 2-6, 3-1, 6-2)
    3 software - AVIRT gateway , I tried it…
    You can download a free trial copy
    and thats all
    second pc has same ip on the internet like first pc