It was formerly known as
After months of re-designing, testing and tweaking, it’s been re-launched.
It doesn’t only have verified eD2K links, but also Sig2Dat and Magnet links.

There are links for movies, games, TV episodes, software and music. Software and music are still under construction, but are coming soon. :slight_smile:




merther02, are you only referring to my post ?
If you are, then please explain to me what the difference is between my url and the other 3 urls posted here ?


If your looking for old releases check out:
They’ve done a huge job collecting all the old releases.



Top 10 ShareReactor Alternatives


thanks for these links :smiley:
ShareConnector is really great…
Randomly I just checked the other night that ShareReactor was gone…
well, i know im ages behind but who cares