has been taken down by the Swiss authorities

I just posted the article has been taken down by the Swiss authorities.

 Eranros and Lord  KiRon both used our    news  submit  to tell us that  has been taken down by the Swiss authorities. Sharereactor was the  largest...
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What next ? CDFreaks ?

Can anyone see us falling back to BBS with a shitpile of encryption…???.. Lets not worry about the billions of dollars cartels, dealers and those in positions of power get for screwing our kids over with drugs…lets just get that lowdown scum dealing in the real filth and perversion…the illegal file and warez traders…:X
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// Hemi locks his door and looks for suspicious movements through the window

What a drag. Sharereactor was an excelent site. Hope to see it come back soon.

Oh well, have to find other servers for eDonkey I guess…:c

Well unfortunately it does not look like it will be back according to recent articles. :c Like Lord KiRon said what is next, cd freaks? Anyway it was good while it lasted.

I beleive that Sharereactor is completly legal according to Swiss law. In Switzerland it’s legal to link to copyrighted material if the files are not hosted by them. Sharereactor did not host any files, only links.

How can you be so sure about this? Maybe on their servers there were illegal files. We do not really know if Simon was so clever to make his site completely safe to a legal inspection. We must hope for this, primary for him than for the site itself. He did a great job and it’s really a shame if he is going to pay for his services to the p2p community.

Simon did everything in his power to make Sharereactor comply with Swiss law. RIAA and MPAA has surely been checking the site to find anything they could use to shut down the site. BTW, the article says: The responsible owner, a 25 year old Swiss proved to be very cooperative in explaining matters at hand. So maybe he knows that he has nothing to fear. AFAIK, there are no new Swiss laws that could shut down the site and if RIAA and MPAA could have shut it down under current law I’m sure they would have done so years ago. Anyway, I’m not a lawyer so this is just my theory, speculation and ranting. :wink:

Unfortunately in situations like this, since the authorities have been persuaded to take the site down I’m not very hopeful of it coming back (please let me be wrong!). I guess Simon just won’t have the funds to make a fight in court, despite actually being in the RIGHT and not breaking the law. This sort of thing has happened to a number of companies/people in the past, it now appears that MONEY counts NOT the LAW - if the RIAA/MPAA etc want to close a site down then they just need to drag it through the courts - they know very well that few have the funds to fight an action. What a sad situation.

I don’t know about you but personally I am willing to donate let’s say 10-20 bucks to help him.

One site goes down and another pops up. Sharereactor will be back in another form/name. I’m waiting to see what the powers that be will do in stopping Nothing but pure links on that site so if they can nail Sharereactor then they could also BT users via Suprnova.

Hm… from the way you guys speak of it, it sounds like it is a warez site for emule? If so, and people are trading programs and music, what makes it legal? Just because it’s legal in another country doesn’t make it legal for people in a different country to download it. You guys just want a free lunch from the looks of it. Admit it, don’t try to defend yourself.

animecabbit, You have misunderstood something. It’s not a question about where downloading copyrighted material is illegal (it is!). It’s about wheter Sharereactor is legal or not according to the laws of the country the site is located! I know RIAA and MPAA wants us to beleive that US law is the world law, but it is’nt, thank god!

ShareReactor was mostly about movies and TV shows , in my country I get most TV shows with 2-3 years delay if it all , so nothing to do with “free lanch” . Also it’s my personal believe that all content should be free for everyone unless you make money of it. And laws … unlike laws of nature human laws created by men and can be changed by men. Current worldwide law practice reflect the wishes of big US based comanies , remember in 30’s in US alcahol was outlawed too , people went to jail for it but where this laws now ?

If the statement is as correct as can be and it has been taken offline due to suspicion then is it possibly that due to pressure that Swedish Law has broken the law, a site known about for years by them can’t suddenly become suspicious so it is possibly that they have infact broken the law, btu good on them I say, least now it will get deeper underground giving them less control allowing us to RAPE them more. DVD’s come to UK, buy them they say as the disc will be cheaper due to less cost in their production. BLAH BLAH BLAH! their double the price of VIDEO! but where are our trusted law men when it comes to this! I think this is a case of trying to pick on the little guy and I think all sites should move to support SR as for their own future if not SR’s owners and site.