Shared Folder

i’m trying to share the shared folder between my PC and my laptop over a wireless router.

  1. can i do this?

  2. i’ve got the PC up & running with it, but my laptop is giving me problems, it’s not doing much when i use a xp cd to set up the network

  1. yep

all i do is manually setup the network myself… like, once the pc works with the router etc (which im sure it is if the laptop and main computer access the internet)

then i goto the drive or folder you want to share and then right click it and select “Sharing and and Security” then under the “network sharing and security” select “share this folder on the network” then click apply (if you want people to be able to add/delete files on that share then also check the “allow network users to change my files” then after that from the other pc to access that share goto START > RUN and type in “\pcnamehere\sharename” (without the " ) the pc name you can find by right clicking my computer and selecting properties then goto “computer name” and where it says “full computer name” this is where u put in the \ stuff i typed above… the share name “should” show up after you type in the “\pcnamehere” command.

p.s. i have a linksys router but it should work pretty much the same way with other routers to… if not i probably cant help you to much. :wink:

also i should have mentioned that if your using wireless and you live with a moderate ammount of people near you… make SURE you secure the wireless network with a password etc etc… otherwise anyone within range can access that folder share pretty much.

by default routers come without a password on there wireless function… so in other words anyone within range can as your internet for free :frowning:

thanks for the reply NBR, i give this a try later on tonight.

i’ve got everything named the same, so thats probaly my first problem