Shareaza speed check

hi, am rather new to all this.

I’ve recently got myself a dsl 128k acces to th einternet as i’ve heard ablout downloading.
Ive tried kazzaa lite, and was only getting download speed of 7 to 14 kb/s. A friend pointed me at bit torent using suprniva and abc. can someone help as i seem to be getting the same poor download speeds but uploads are through the roof. Also how can i search for downloads suprniva doesn’t apear to have search facilities. my speed is biggest consern at moment maybe i haven’t set it up right as i know nothing about seeds and leaves and trees and things.

Any help would be appreciated. what speeds do you guys get and from what internet connection.

brief detail or link to how it all works and what things do would be helpfull to.

thanks in advnce

The theoretical speed limit of your connection is 128 kBit/s = 128/8 kbyte/s = 16 kbyte/s. In practice theoretical speeds are never reached because of not optimal transfer conditions, traffic overhead, other users connections and so on.