Shareaza Problems

I love shareaza, It’s the best, but recently i’ve had problems with it, I tried to download a Torrent, a 2.6 Gb one, and my connection works at a a smooth 350 kb/s, but after 5 - 10 mins, it slows down till it gets to about 5 kb/s, and just sits there, but speed is really important when you handle very large files, Any way to get around this? to fix it? I know this post might not belong here, I could have posted it directly on Shareaza Wiki, but their registration is a pain in the **s…

Some trackers require you to upload a certain minimum percentage of what you download.

I know that, there are about 14 users connected, and they all enjoy around 40 kb of my bandwith, What do I get?

BTW, it does this for regular G2 and eDonkey downloads too…

probabley the tracker has realised that u wew downloading alot and probably not as uploading as much so the tracker b!tched ure ip address until u upload more, or u were downloading soo much that the descided to b!tch ure ip address. either way u have to wait

That’s always a pain when using shareaza, i download too much off there.