Shareaza-more networks



Shareaza connect to g,g2,ed2k and bittorrent but is there a modification of shareaza to connect to more networks


shareaza is a major spyware encrypted program, any spyware free version of this software???
And welcome to the club


That is so untrue! Get your facts straight ghetocowboy! :rolleyes:


Yes but it’s implimentation of the ed2k protocol is poor enough for people to ask for it to be added to the banned client list. I know a few mods that have already done this.

If you don’t get it from the official people gheto then you maybe correct, but it doen’t mean the official one is, moral, always get clients from the official sites.


Anyone uses Shareaza, how good (or bad) is it? I’m currently using eMule and BitSpirit, if Shareaza can connect to those two networks and more all at once, maybe I should just use it instead.


I have used Shareaza for a while, and have had good luck with it. :iagree:


Uhh?? You’re thinking of BearShare.


I am an amateur in all these p2p networks, used a few others but when I discovered Shareaza I sticked with it till now, more then a year already. Found 99 % of what I was looking for, music, movies, pictures etc… But I don’t think you can connect to other networks … :a


Sheeraza Plus is good.


What other feature does Shareaza Plus have that the regular Shareaza doesn’t have? Does it connect to more networks or support Kad? I tried Shareaza for a few days, it’s ed2k implementation sucks, and it doesn’t support Kad. I tried searching for a popular file on eMule, it returned with a lot of sources, but on Shareaza it only returned a few sources. And there’s not much of what I’m looking for on the Gnutella and G2 networks.


I have had great success using Shareaza in finding almost all I wanted, MUCH better than BearPoopShare which is indeed loaded with invasive crapware.

Also, Shareaza can handle .torrents which is good :iagree:


Morpheus scans all networks… but there is alot of adware bundled with it