Share files

i just purchased a hp 9426 …and have an very old hp 750n… the old 1 has xp the new of course vista. i want to move files from 1 to the other. Mostly tax data and 1 game ,the game is medal of honor. my question is what do i need to do to share and will the key code for the game transfer since i have lost the disk and the code 2 the game… thanks for any help u guys/gals can give.

How are you planning on transferring your files? Data files will not be a problem but not so with the game. You can probably retrieve the key with a program like,, there are others so just google a bit. You will have to do a fresh install of the game on your new PC, but if you lost the disk, you’re out of luck.

ouch i was afraid of that…i am wanting 2 use i guess a cable from unit 2 unit…since they will be side beside at time of transfer…i do have another monitor to c each pc work. really appreciate ur quick answer …i just use a reg cat cable also …correct? tks again

If you already know how to setup an ad hoc network, great, if not, just google a bit-- Vista XP ad hoc network.

k tks for ur help really appreciate it

Your’re welcome. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

To network XP and Vista, you may need to install Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder. Sometimes the operating systems see each other for a while then disappear. Install this (from Microsoft) and you’ll be good to go.