Share Appz

I just like to share this cool software with others on the net, is there a place to post these appz in this forum ?

you can post a link for the software

I want to upload to someone that has a FTP and will share with others… (3D Maill Effects)

Depends what kind of software it is…

If it is something you made and own all copyrights to and you want to share it, you can post a link.

But, when this is some software you found somewhere on the net and think it is cool software everyone should have, but someone else owns the copyright and has not granted you permission to distribute it freely, it will not be allowed on this forum.

Well, just make sure it’s a legal version and no warez/cracks/serials and such things…

Not allowed as stated in our rules.

why dont you put them on morpheus ,plenty of people will share them then:cool: