Shall We Dance? distortion

I used AnyDvd with Miramax’s Shall We Dance? (Region 1) and the menu and the first 4 minutes of the disc come out distorted/or pixelated. After 4 minutes into chapter 1 of the disc … the picture goes normal and is fine for the rest of the movie. :confused:

Anyone seen something like this?

forgot to mention I was using CloneDVD … just wondering if anyone knew if Miramax was tyring to use some type of other encryption at the beginning of their films that AnyDVD does not recognize

Check for proper playback with the original DVD. Sounds like you’re using cheap, no-name DVD media.

Playback on the original is perfectly fine … I’m using Fuji branded discs

I’ve made plenty of backups w/these discs with no problems … just seems to be this movie

If playback of the original is fine with AnyDVD enabled, it is not AnyDVD’s fault, as the decryption is working properly. Maybe it was just a faulty fuji disc, try to play the files created by CloneDVD from the harddisk.

Download DVD Identifier and post the media ID code of the Fuji DVD.

Thanks Olli … I’ll give that a try … I’ll also try another brand of discs to see if that is the problem. I’ve tried it twice with the Fuji discs and they both backup discs came out the same (pixelated menu and first 4 minutes of the movie pixelated as well)

Just thought it was odd since I haven’t run into any other problems with the AnyDVD/CloneDVD combo using these Fuji discs.

I’ve seen quite a few marginal Made in Taiwan Fujis. If there is no playback issue with the CloneDVD VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive, then it MUST be the media.

NOTE: uncheck delete file after burn. This will allow you to test the created VIDEO_TS folder.

thanks … I’ll test the file to see if there is any problem … if none i’ll try backing up using a different brand of discs and see what happens

the Fujis show up as Philips C16 and the new discs I just picked up are ProDisc R04.

I saved and checked the dvd file and all is fine …tried backing up to a ProDisc disc and it still comes out the same … the menu and the first 4 minutes of the film are pixelated … other movies are fine … it’s just this one :confused: :confused: :confused:

anyone else tried this with Shall We Dance Region 1 ?

Again, you don’t have good media. Try Made in Japan stuff if possible.

I came across the same issue with both Mr. 3000 and Jersey Girl … but I think I figured out my problem … I tried backing up to disc thru Nero Recode with no menus or trailers and the movie came out fine. One thing I did notice is that all the original discs were all released thru Buena Vista/Disney and I’m was trying to use CloneDVD not CloneDVD2 so that might be the issue …if not then it is just a matter of removing the menus and previews.