SHALL WE DANCE big problem



Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to backup my copy of “Shall We Dance” DVD…but there’s a problem…

When I tried with DVD Shrink i got this error:“Invalid dvd navigation structure”…

So I tried with DVD Decrypter but all I got is “UDF File System Parsing Failed!” Reason:"Unable to find “VIDEO_TS” Folder…

What can I do???
I tried with decrypter in file mode and in ifo mode, and I got the same error…the only way is to use the iso mode…but the result is an iso file of 6.5 GB that I can’t compress to fit a dvd5 media…

Please HELP!!! :bow:

Thanx, Bye!


is the origianl got any scuffs or scracths cause i ripped it perfect no problems at all with dvd shrink 3.0 beta 5


I forgot to mention one IMPORTANT thing…

the version that I have is in wmvHD format, and it’hasn’t a normal structure…(vob, ifo’s ecc.)

It has only a unique file.wmv size 6.5 GB!!!



well, that’s exactly your problem then. all of the transcoders only work with normal dvds. i’m not very knowledgeable about wmvhd dvds, so maybe someone else has a solution.


Maybe the solution is a program that covert wmvHD in mpeg??
I think with a loss of quality… :confused:

Any suggest on wich software should I use??

Thank You