Shall I upgrade the firmware of my 48125S from 1S01 to 1S05?

Originally I bought a 48125W. It died out in 1.5 months. Sent it for a replacement.

So, I got 48125S as a replacement. Now my question is as follows:

Shall I upgrade the firmware of my 48125S from 1S01 to 1S05 ???

I think so. If you don’t like it just flash back :slight_smile:

I don’t want to get myself involved in lots of flashing stuff. Just wanted to know which is better:

1S01 or 1S05 ???

Burnt 2 very cheap CD-Rs @ 48x with 48125S (1S01).

CD Quality Check showed 6 errors (very very negligible) for one CD & for the other 0 errors.

One thing i found amazing was that the read speed went MAX upto 50.5x.

So, either:

  1. 48125S is better than 48125W or
  2. Firmware 1S01 is better than VS06 or VS08.

Earlier with 48125W & VS06 & VS08 I used to get thousands of errors in CD Quality Check.

My experience has been that the hardware makes more difference that the firmware. That is, one drive will perfrom better than another and will do so with any firmware. If you have a “good” drive there, it’ll likely perform well with any firmware.

I have a 40125S OC @ 48x.
I tried all the FW currently available for the 40X (S or W) and the 48X (S or W) and find that the 1S05 FW is better (included the VS08). Have less errors and read faster (50X).


I agree with you. My earlier 48125W gave errors with both VS06 & VS08.

So, more important is the hardware.

Wish me luck that this burner last long. :bow: :bow: :bow:


Thanks for the info. Will upgrade to 1S05 when I finished all my testing with the current firmware: 1S01.

One thing is strange. Whenever, Lite-On manufacturers & ships new burners, they also give the latest Firmware by default.

This was the case with my earlier 48125W - I got VS06 by default & the drive was manu in July 2002.

Now, my new 48125S is manu in Sept 2002 & has the firmware 1S01.