Shall I stick aorunf with this new 40X burner?

Just got my Lite On 40X burner (model is LTR-40125S) and I am quite sure a new firmware is coming out soon to support
Mount Rainer and P-CAV.

However, I am also quite impressed with the review of the TEAC 40X burner (CDW540E).

My question is if you were me will you willing to sell the Lite On and spend CAD$ 25 pluse 14.5 % tax and get the TEAC drive which will arrive on 4/19/2002 (ETA) to Vancouver, BC, Canada .

Please comments.

All depends on how important you feel the differences are…

Personally, I’d stick with what you have, unless Mt Rainier is of such major importance that your life almost depends on it :wink:

Definately stick with the lite-on. So what if the Teac supported Mt Ranier right out of the box. Lite-on will be there shortly with also more features putting Teac owners wondering if they should sell there Teac for a Lite-on.

Personally I feel/know the TEAC produces better quality back-ups than a Lite-On writer. If quality is important go for the TEAC CD-W540E. If you need a writer that does SafeDisc 2 perfectly then you need to go for a Lite-On writer. When (and if) the Lite-On will start supporting P-CAV writing it will be the fastest writer available today. Right now (when using Z-CLV) the TEAC is the fastest writer.

Hi G@M3FR3@K

Thanks for your reply. I have another quick question for you. Since the quality / build of the CD writer is the most important to me and also I don’t need a writer that does SafeDisc 2 perfectly.

Based on my needs, should I use a burner with better quality but with a 2nd rated writing method (using Z-CLV) versus the forthcoming new firmware for Lite On 40X with the 1st rated writing method of P-CAV.