Shaky Screen on DivX

How come when watching a divx 5 video on VLC Media player on one bit the screen went a little shaky up n down movements.
Really strange…what causes it though?
Wouldnt be a corrupt hard drive would it?

It’s not a corrupt hard drive.

And last time you referred to something being “shaky” it was a one-pixel difference on a CDSpeed scan. There’s a 99% chance this is whoever encoded the video’s fault.

Hey Jason. Ignore Tehgue. Is this a DVD that you or someone else burned. What is the media code? Have you run a CDSPEED scan on the DVD?

nah nah it ainmt even touched a dvd mate, it was watched on a hard drive straight after being downloaded.

So isit just a bad rip then?
Could a bad download cause it to do that?

I had one movie I tried to burn 5 or 6 times on different burners and media, until I finally figured out that it was my file on the hd that was bad. I reloaded it, and it worked perfect the very next burn. I even reloaded it the hard drive from the exact same dvd in the save reader. Sometimes shit just happens.

but this had never been on DVD i just dont understand it.

Shit happens lol