Shakira CD Key2audio



I made a backup of the new Shakira CD Laundry Service.
According to Clony XXl the cd is Key2Audio protected.

I have a Plexwriter 401240A and used plextools to copy the cd
with the 'first session only option' enabled.
The copy works fine, the only problem is with cues as they are not the same as the original (they donT coincide with the beginning of the track) and the songs start with a few seconds delay.
Do you know how to solve this nuisance?



I don’t know much bout copying protected audio cds, but maybe you should try it with CloneCD instead. Again, select only first session, put audio read quality to max and write at a speed no higher than 8x. That should do it, if there’s still a pause try ripping a mp3 from d new cd and c if the silence is still there. If not, and probably there won’t be, then I think its just your cd player or cd-rom is either dirty or has a slow speed up time.

Hope this helps


Well, this is the problem:
I open Plextools v 1.14, I enable 1st session only and start copyIing.
Read Speed 8x, Write Speed 4x, error correction on.
This is what happens: the first track starts with 8 seconds of silence, thus affecting the whole copy as the other tracks start at the wrong place (before the previous track is finished) and as a consequence the last part (8 seconds) of the final track is missing.
The total length of the cd and every single track length is the same as the original (unfortunateley including this initial 8 seconds of silence).

When I read the original cd with both EAC and Plextools I can see that the begininning of Track 1 is placed at 00.08.00, that could be the reason for the problem.
If I rip the CD track by track with EAC or Plextools everything is all right, there’s no silence.
Of course the Plexwriter 40x is able to read and play the whole original CD (my Toshiba DVD 1302 isnt !) but if I want to make a CD image (instead of ripping single tracks) HOW CAN I BY-PASS the PROTECTION ?



Have you tried using EAC to rip to one single wav file and creating a cue sheet ?

You can then try modifying the cure sheet to attempt to fix the 8 sec problem.

It depends on what sort of backup you are trying to achieve. I believe that using EAC in secure mode will provide a better quality recording than using the burst mode of say cd clone ( ie. less errors ).

One advantage of using DAE over a cd image is that when you write back you’re copy, the audio protection will be gone.

This can be useful, such as in my case, i can’t backup to minidisc copy protected cd’s with my stereo.



OK, I’ve just finished making an IMAGE copy with Feurio (CD copy program).
In the image options I’ve chosen to copy the first session only.

Well the backup it’s just perfect !
No 8 seconds silence in the first track, no missing parts, works fine in the Toshiba DVD 1302 and the sound quality is excellent !!

I’ve not tried CD Clone as I dont have it installed but probably it should work fine as well.
I dont know CDRWIN very well. There should be 2 burning programs from two different software houses but I have no idea what the best is.

Now, the question is: “Why Plextools 1.14 failed to make a good backup even with ‘1st session only’ enabled ?”


Have you tried with the “single session” option activated?
(this setting must be activated before inserting a cd).


Not yet !
I will be trying shortly and I’ll let you know the result.


I activated the ‘single session’ option before inserting the CD then I enabled ‘first session only’ in the CD Copy PREFERENCES but the backup I’ve obtained is still defective ( 8 minute silence at the beginning of the first tack and consequently the last 8 minuts of the last track missing).


I don’t use plextools or any of that, all I have on my pc for cd burning is Nero, CloneCD, and CopyToCD. I really think you should give CloneCD a try, you get a 30 day free trial, just see if it works, I think it will. I never had any problem copying cds like the new Korn or Eminem cd.



Can you check what happens if you only activate the “Single session” option. (leave 1st session only unchecked)


I have used PlexTools a couple of times but noticed it made some ‘ticks’ on audio discs that shouldn’t be there. When copying audio I would always recommend CloneCD (standard Audio profile) or EAC/Feurio to rip the tracks. The tracks will be unprotected when extracted and you can use Nero Burning Rom to burn the compilation.


I made a backup with CloneCD and it works perfectly, no problems at all !
I used the audio standard profile provided by the program, burnt at 4x, and obtained a fully working unprotected copy.

I used Plextools with ‘single session’ only enabled (as suggested before) but the copy is still defective, same problems.

So far, I’ve succesfully copied the CD with Feurio and CloneCD.
I’ve not tried to burn an image with EAC yet, I’ve only ripped the single tracks and they are all right, sound perfect.

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed by Plextools, when handling protected audio cds it seems it’s not as reliable as CloneCD and the other audio-ripping programs such as Feurio and EAC which are great !


One more thing about Plextools 1.14.

When making Digital Audio Extraction, single tracks can be ripped without problems and they are OK, so they are ready to be burnt with your favorite burning software.

As said before, problems come when copying the whole CD (that is by creating a single cd image instead of ripping every single track) by using the CD COPY option.