SH203B wont burn anything anymore

Hi, my Samsung SH203B used to burn CD’s and DVD’s as well as rip them and it was fine but when I updated the firmware from SB00 to SB04 it no longer burns anything whatsoever. When I try to reinstall the firmware again like it says to do in the program if an issue like this happens it says Download Failed please restart and it will reboot my computer without letting me do anything. I also have a program called WININQUIRY which displays the details of the firmware on the drive and it shows its fine but that isnt the case. Please help me out here.

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are you still able to use the drive for reading CD and DVD discs?
Also, please tell us, what Sata controller is used.


Thanks. Yes I can read CD’s and DVD’s just fine. I’m using the nForce SATA controllers. One thing that has happened very randomly over time and what happened tonight again is that my DVD drive caused my PC to crash. I rebooted the PC and during POST it would freeze over and over everytime I rebooted but after the 3rd reboot the dvd drive name began to display odd symbols and other characters and ended up looking like encrypted text. So now I unplugged the DVD drive altogether to “fix” it.


there are two possible sources of trouble:

  • faulty Sata cables and
  • Nvidia Sata drivers

At first, I’d try if a new Sata cable does help.

Additionally, you may try either MS standard IDE drivers or latest drivers from Nvidia. To use MS default drivers, you need to run the Nvidia installer located in Add/Remove Software (in Control Panel) and select the IDE/Sata drivers to uninstall. Note, this is not an option if you are running a Raid configuration for your HDDs.


Get rid of those Nvidia drivers and use the Microsoft standard IDE drivers and your
troubles will/should go away. I found out the hard way not to use those Nvidia drivers
as I had the same problems as you are having back when I used Nvidia based mobo’s
switched to Microsoft standard IDE drivers and no more problems. :disagree:

Thank you very much for all of your responses. I didn’t test it yet to see if the media worked yet but I successfully ripped and backed up an audio CD without any of the eerror’s presented before. What I did was I updated the Nvidia drivers which is what Mciahel suggested since when I looked for the Add/Remove function for the sata controller the option wasnt even there, only ethernet controller and display drivers.

So now that it’s updated I’d like to say again thank you very much for your help!

Add/Remove only refers to software, but not hardware drivers in the Control Panel/Settings. :wink:

[QUOTE=chef;2499982]Add/Remove only refers to software, but not hardware drivers in the Control Panel/Settings. ;)[/QUOTE]Seems you never had the opportunity to have a look at the control panel of a modern computer :bigsmile:


I thought I had. :smiley:

What I meant was “add/remove” in the control panel list.

[QUOTE=chef;2500309]What I meant was “add/remove” in the control panel list.[/QUOTE]:confused: