SH-W162Z - wont read any discs of any kind!



Can somone please help me out, my burner wont recognize any disc of any kind…blanks, burned, bought dvd/cds. nothing at all. i’ve had made no hardware or software changes to my pc. i upgraded the firmware to TS01 in hopes that it would fix the problem but that didnt happen. if anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate it greatly.


Hi and welcome!

To sort out issues of your operating system, please try to boot from that drive using a bootable CD and/or DVD. My personal favourite is Knoppix, but a Windows install CD would also work. Please make sure, that your drive is set as first boot device in BIOS setup (check your computer or mainboard manual for further information).



those settings are already done to my system, it skipped passed the ‘boot from cd’ line and went straight to starting windows


At least my W2k CD waits few seconds to let me press a key in order to boot from CD. If I don’t press a key, the system continues booting from the HDD.
That’s why I prefer Knoppix (or an old Win98 CD).