SH-W162C TS07 can't read some disks


I bought a game few days ago and tried to install it but my DVD Writer wouldn’t read the disk.

After a few searches, I found I had to upgrade the firmware. I’m really not a hardware specialist, but I downloaded the Samsung ODD LiveUpdate software.
Unfortunately, LiveUpdate gave me this error message : “The model installed in your PC is not supportable model

But the wierdest thing was that my drive could now read the disk. I enjoyed my game for a few days before taking it out of my drive to watch a rented dvd. My drive couldn’t read the DVD. I put the game dvd back in the drive and it couldn’t read it either.

So then i decided to manually update the firmware. Here’s the Win Inquiry screenshot.

I installed a TS07 firmware. But the thing i’m worried about is the OEM Code. Is it normal that it’s TU? Shouldn’t it be TS?

Anyway, I installed the TS07 firmware with Tsdnwin.exe but it didn’t change anything. I checked that my drive was still working, and it is. It still reads disks it was abble to read before.

I’m kinda lost now and as i’m not that good with hardware, my only solution is to ask for help. Thanks by advance.