SH-W162C Burner Error!

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-W162C / TS-H552C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I had SH-W162C dvd/cd burner for 2 years. I have updated it to firmware S12 which is the latest one. For some reason when I burn dvd’s every program gives me the error:

Unit attention, Power On or Bus device reset occured

CD’s burn fine however. I dont know what the problem is. I have tried different media discs, shutting off unnecessary programs in the background, burning at the slowest speed, etc. but nothing seems to work.

Please give some suggestions so that I can fix the problem. Thank you so much. :confused:

Hi, can anyone help me out? Can someone at least tell me what setting should the drive be on in the bios?

I have options for LBA, CHS and Large in my bios.

Also, I have noticed that the hd light on the pc freezes when I try to burn while the writer light is blinking and then it gives me this error.

Also what is IMAPI service? SHould that be on or off?

Please help me because I really need it.

If you have problems only with DVDs, it is possible that the drive is damaged. There are two separate lasers on the optical pickup, so if the DVD laser is gone you can still read/burn CDs.

To exclude a software issue or a hardware incompatibility with your mainboard, I think that the best way is to install the drive in a different computer. Maybe you can ask a friend to run a test :slight_smile:

Hmm…Is it failing because maybe its dirty or something?

Usually when only a specific media gives problems (as here, when you can read/write only CDs but not DVDs) the cause is not a dirty optical pickup. Probably the DVD laser is “fried” and the CD one is still working.

Of course, you can try to clean the pickup, but if the laser is damaged this will not solve the problem :frowning:

Alright thanks a lot. I just ordered a new dvd/cd burner from newegg.