Sh-w08 firmware anywhere?



I have a samsung sh-w08 dvd burner that I’m finally getting around to testing. I received it on RMA about 6 months ago, but while I waited I bought some NEC’s. Currently this drive has 1S30 f/w in it. I couldn’t seem to find any discussion of this drive, much less a place to download firmware for it. Can it do bitsetting? I just finished a kprobe scan of this drive’s first burn, its not too shabby. (PI Max=9, PIF Max=3) It certainly looks better than what I was getting with the drive I RMA’d! Any help would be appreciated!


you might want to check this thread

It seems the Samsung SH-W08A is just a re-branded Toshiba SD-R5272, check that thread for a link to the latest (1S31) Samsung SH-W08A firmware. I just flashed my toshiba with the samsung firmware last night and now it burns my cheap 8x media alot faster (At 8x!). The new firmware just has alot more laser calibration settings for various media, so basically if you’ve been burning slowly or cant burn on a certaqin media, this new firmware should make it faster or work at all :slight_smile: I was using nero with ridata 8x media and it said it was burning at 8x but was really doing closer to 4x. Anyways check that thread and/or search around for the toshibe sd-r5272 :slight_smile: