SH-S223Q firmware upgrade: incompatible


Earlier, I posted a message to newbie forum. Here seems more like the place I should have posted. I just bought an OEM version SH-S223Q dvd drive. I have two problems with it:

  • if I rip and backup DVD movie, it plays in the middle, looks like corrupted.

  • I want to follow the advice of others and update it SB03 … (Discinfo tells me it is SB02 now), but the update program (flasher) always say it is a incompatible drive … how come?

I am now pretty frustrated with this drive now.

thanks for help.


Are you sure you’re using the correct fw for your drive?
Check out the wininquiry utility from Samsung here.
For SH-S223Q there are SB and ST versions, with the according fw.
See also:

What sw do you use to rip and backup your DVDs?
Do you get the errors when playing in standalone only? Try in your PC with your Samsung drive. Do you see the same results? It could be also the media used. What kind of DVDs did you use? Please give some more info… :wink:

after some search around, It turns out I used dvdshrink and auto burn with nero 8, and these two are not compatible. That explains the first question I had - burned dvd doesn’t play right in dvd player.

However, I am still not sure why the firmware update can’t proceed. I ran the wininquiry as suggested. It says

Model Name: SATA TssTcorpCDDVDW S
firmware version of SB02. …
OEM code SB

thanks for help


Since your OEM code is SB, this link should work. At the bottom of the page you can download the SH-S223Q_SB03.exe file. This should upgrade your fw. I had SB02 as well and this worked. Make sure there is no disk in the drive. I think you should also restart your PC after upgrading…
I hope that helps…

When using DVD Shrink, output to .iso format and use ImgBurn to burn with. is free.

Using OEM SB drive, SB03 should flash no problems. Make sure you are downloading the correct firmware. I have had problems in the past using FireFox. Try downloading SB03 using IE.