SH-S223Q causing problems

I recently installed this burner using a PCI SATA adapter card (SIL 3112 chipset).

It works fine in some ways; it will read CDs or DVDs (movies or data) and will burn fine too. But trying to backup DVDs causes problems. If I run AnyDVD for example, the program will hang and be “not responding,” and there’s no way to close it; stopping the process in Task Manager does nothing.

The same thing happens with DVDShrink. Once I try to “Open Disc” the program hangs and cannot be shut down. There are similar problems trying to read a disc in TMPGEnc.

And once this happens with one of these programs, the whole system is messed up. I try to open Control Panel, and I get the hourglass, the hard drive works a few seconds and then–nothing. No program will open up.

Its firmware is up to date as far as I can tell (SB00). What could the problem be?

Hi :slight_smile:
Is your 3112 still set as a RAID card?
If so you could try flashing the bios to non-raid.
Also use the driver for CDRW/DVDRW.
See posts # 10 & 11 this post for flashing BIOS to BASE BIOS.

Wow, thanks zebadee…I flashed the card to the “base” BIOS and all is fixed! It was very easy.

I previously had an IDE drive that would NOT operate in DMA, it was stuck in PIO…it took ages to fix that problem, and I had a dreadful feeling I was in for a similar situation this time. But no, all is well :slight_smile: