SH-S223Q a worthwhile replacement for SH-S203N?

My SH-S203N is having a detection/verification problem with DVD discs, and I’m pretty disappointed by how short its lifespan was (purchased end of July). CD and DVD DL burns were far better than my LG and iHAS, and I’m concerned that since there are no more SH-S203N drives listed at the place I bought this, I’m afraid that they’ll replace it with an SH-S223Q…

I haven’t seen much DL DVD burns made with an S223Q, so I’m wondering if it performs well in that aspect as well as in CDs… The only replacements available might be the S223Q or one of the newer LGs (GH20LS or GH22LS30/40), or probably a LiteOn A3/A4 (haven’t read any good DL burns there). Unfortunately there’s no Optiarc 720xx drives in the store where I got my old S203N.

So should I get the S223Q as a replacement or an LG? DVD DL and CD burning are my priorities as I already have scanners and a good CD burner. I’m interested in hearing some feedback primarily on the S223Q… :flower:

i like mine! Burnsama has posted a sh@tlo@d of scans to review too! :slight_smile:

GH22 ist not the best burner, Panasonic series with poor supported firmware. The GH20 is on the other side one of the best burners around with Renesas chipset. Good results with every kind of media, I like mine more than my Samsung SH-S203B, which is for me an average burner. The 22x Samsungs are a step back to me compared to the 20x models.

From these two I would go with the LG GH20.

Thanks for your replies, I’m still hoping the distributor has a few 203N units in stock for this specific circumstance. I’ve had good experience with Renesas-based LG drives (my H62N still burns well after a crapload of bad and good media burnt) but I’m going for variety (LOL! :D) so unless I have no other choice then I’ll settle with a Renesas LG.

The thread that discusses S223Q scans are devoid of any DL disc scans/results that’s why I specifically started this thread. I’ve heard that it doesn’t burn CDs as well as an the 20x series of drives but since my LiteOn LTR-52327S still performs well I’m more concerned with the DL burn quality…

crosses fingers