SH-S223L honking on spin up

Hiya, I got a Samsung SH-S223L, firmware SB02 official, a week ago. When I insert most DVDs, it seems to start to spin up, makes a honking sound like it’s suddenly stopping the spin, then spins again. It does this two to four times for the average DVD before finally spinning up to full speed and reading, but sometimes the process goes on for ages.

More worryingly, rather than spinning up in the end, occasionally the drive just sits there apparently doing nothing with the light flashing, using media which I have been able to read fine in other drives.

Is the sound to be expected? Should I assume fault?


Do you have this problem with burned discs only or also with pressed media?

I’ve seen it with both pressed and burned. It seems most successful with pressed CDs, which often spin up at the first or second attempt.

The best way to exclude a problem in your machine is to test the drive in a different computer. If also in another machine there is the same problem, then probably the drive is defective.

Maybe you can ask a friend to do a quick test if you don’t have another machine to do the test. Alternatively, you can try to install the drive in an external box. If the drive is working good in the box, then there is something in your computer (maybe defective cables?) that cause the problem.

Thanks for your response. It happens with just the power cable connected on more than one machine… although moving it around a bit might have improved things, as now it appears to be spinning up with various media more quickly.

I have mailed the store anyway. I know recorders don’t spin up immediately with all media, but wondered whether the honk noise was characteristic of this drive or a sign of trouble.