SH-S223F reliable scanner?


I own a TSST SH-S223F dvd burner that I wanted to use for dvd error scanning (because of “poor” burning performances, etc…, and to “preserve” my Optiarc for burning only)

I’ve read on the FAQ

"Q: Is the Samsung a reliable DVD scanner?

A: This depends on your individual drive. Some drives give good results (comparable to other well-known scanning drives), some others are questionable. So take the scans with a grain of salt unless you were able to verify them with another drive like a Liteon or Benq DVDRW."

So the question is, “is my drive a reliable one, and how to know ?”

I’ve done scans with 223F and Optiarc AD-7203S of the same crappy MBI dvd and results are quite comparables :

Scanned with 223F :

Scanned with AD-7203S :

Samsung reports more Pi errors, but less PI failure… which drive should I believe ? Could my 223F be considered as “reliable” for scanning ?

Or what drive could I use to scann dvd errors (except Lite-on that are difficult to buy in France (that is why my english is so bad :/) ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I think your drive is “good enough”. The results might perhaps not be comparable to those obtained with a Liteon, but I wouldn’t worry about that.


Ok, thank you for your answer :wink:
Lite-on are quite difficult to find (or expensive if you buy a Plex 880 for exemple) here in France, so my Samsung will be enough for the moment.