SH-S223B long lead in

Hi guys,
A month ago I bought Samsungs’s SH-S223B. Just recently started to burn some disks on it. It turned out that it takes the drive like 3-4 minutes just to write the lead in and then the rest.

So is this normal for this kind of drive or I should hit the store and request a replacment?


Update to the latest firmware and try again

no such problem here…

Just done that and tried to burn a new disk. It took me 18 minutes to burn 4GB disk at 4x.
And again the lead in was 3 and a half minutes :frowning:

probably bad quality media?

what’s your CPU load when writing/idle

I’ve tried and burn Princo and Memorex disks. Never had problems with Memorex, as a matter of fact the same store that sells the Samsung drive sells those disks also.

I have a quadcore processor so it couldnt be the CPU.

It could be the CPU is hogged by whatever process?!

therefore my question what load you see when writing a DVD - CPU utilisation should be not much higher than 10% while writing provided nothing else is going on.

Princo isn’t that great of a media, and Memorex isn’t always that great either.

If the media just happens to be 4x media, that could be why the lead in is slow.

If the media is 8x media, it might be OK to do 4x.

If the media is 16x media, then maybe try bumping up the write speed to 8x.

Which burning program are you using to write to the discs?

I usually have a web browser turned on while writing. Today I’ve tried with just Nero turned on but no difference.

The princo was 8x and the Memorex were 16x. Tried burning them on 6x but the lead in time was the same.

I’m using Nero 8.

I usually have a web browser turned on while writing. Today I’ve tried with just Nero turned on but no difference.

mate, just open up your task manager while burning - it’s about background processes possibly eating your cpu.

After checking your processor usage (which couldn’t hurt), would you mind posting a Nero burn log entry to see if it might offer any more insight? (If you do, be sure to remove your serial number from the first few lines of the log entry). We might be able to see if there are any oddities going on during the early stages of the burn.

OK, I’ll make a log from my next burning. As for the CPU goes, I dont think it could be it, cuz the same processes ran on my previous dvd writer and the lead in was normal on it (something other wasn’t) :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for ur help so far…